Sales Executive

A Sales Executive is a sales person working in either the Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C) markets with responsibility to sell a specific product line or service.  They plan their sales activities, lead the end-to-end sales interaction with the customer and manage their sales internally within their organisation.  They will be responsible for retaining and growing a number of existing customer accounts and generating new business by contacting prospective customers, qualifying opportunities and bringing the sales process to a mutually acceptable close.  Typically a Sales Executive will deal with a single point of contact for each sale and will present a pre-considered value proposition.  The entire sales process may be completed during a single customer ‘conversation’ over a series of interactions.

A Sales Executive understands the organisation’s products or services in detail and is an expert in analyzing customer needs and creating solutions by selecting appropriate products or services and linking their features and benefits to the customer's requirements.  A Sales Executive will develop customer relationships by establishing rapport and building trust and confidence in their own and their organisation’s capabilities through demonstration of detailed product knowledge, competitor knowledge and understanding of the market in which they operate and by ensuring a positive customer experience both pre- and post-sale.

Entry requirements

The course level (4) is equivalent to the first year of a degree so we would normally expect candidates to have achieved a Level 3 qualification.  This could be A Levels or a vocational qualification such as a Diploma. However, this is not a requirement and candidates with level 2 qualifications but who demonstrate strong communications skills and workplace competence could perform well in the role.  Ultimately, employers decide who to offer the apprenticeship to.

Course content 

The programme consists of the following elements:




  • Organisational knowledge

  • Product, service and sector knowledge

  • Market knowledge

  • Customer knowledge

  • Commercial and financial acumen

  • Digital knowledge

  • Sales planning and preparation

  • Customer engagement

  • Customer needs analysis

  • Propose and present solutions

  • Negotiate

  • Close sales

  • Gather intelligence

  • Time management

  • Collaboration and teamwork

  • Customer experience management

  • Digital skills

  • Ethics and integrity

  • Proactivity

  • Self-discipline

  • Resilience and self-motivation

  • Continuous professional development



There are no mandatory Ofqual qualifications included in this Apprenticeship.

English and maths

If participants do not already hold level 2 qualifications in these subjects on entry, they will complete them as part of their Apprenticeship.


The programme typically takes 15-18 months to complete.  Following Covid-19 we have moved to a completely remote delivery model which includes: 

  • Videocall tutorials

    • Recording allows candidates to retain and review these

    • Screenshare and cloud-based file management allow real-time collaboration and editing of documents

  • Virtual classroom workshops (subject to individual need)

    • These enable candidates to get to know and collaborate with other participants in the programme

  • Quarterly Progress Reviews involving the tutor, the candidate and the employer

  • E-learning modules 

  • The development of an electronic portfolio of evidence (e-portfolio)

  • Completion of a work-based project

The monthly tutorial is used to: 

  • Provide teaching and learning to cover knowledge requirements 

  • Plan future learning and set SMART targets 

  • Set coursework/assignments

  • Review and assess coursework and provide feedback 

The candidate records evidence of their learning in their e-portfolio.  Evidence/ coursework can include: documents (reports, assignments etc.), spreadsheets, observations, professional discussions and witness testimonies from the line manager.

At the start of the programme, the tutor will work with the employer and the employee to develop a Plan of Learning which will be designed to ensure that it meets the needs of both.

End Point Assessment

When the employer, the Apprentice and the Tutor all agree that the Apprentice is ready, s/he passes the ‘Gateway’.  This means the training is completed and the Apprentice registers for their End Point Assessment (EPA).  The End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) is chosen by the employer but we work closely with, and recommend the Association of Professional Sales (APS) for this purpose because: 

  • It led the development of the standard

  • Candidates are awarded Associate Membership of the APS which gives them:

    • The right to use the APS logo and letter AMAPS in their email signature

    • Access to the APS learning platform and resources to support their training

    • The opportunity to network with other members

The EPA consists of:

  • A work-based project of c.5,000 words to be completed within 10 weeks of passing the Gateway

  • A Presentation including a sales pitch

  • A Professional Discussion supported by the portfolio of evidence candidates develop through their training

The interview, presentation and professional discussion are undertaken via web-conferencing software that enables video and screen sharing.

Professional recognition

On completion, candidates will be eligible to apply for professional sales certification at level 4 within the Association of Professional Sales certification framework and full membership of the APS.

Progression options

For those working in a B2B sales environment, the Business-to-Business Sales Professional level 6 Degree Apprenticeship offers an obvious progression route.  Other Apprenticeship options include Team Leader (level 3) or Departmental Manager (level 5).  Outside of Apprenticeships there are a range of other sales qualifications available up to level 6.



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